Please familiarize yourself with the important information listed below before accessing the registration:  

1.  All procurement done by Marula Platinum Mine will be guided by the following terms and conditions:

·        Impala Group Procurement Policy Statement.

·        Marula Procurement Policy & Procedure.

·        Contractual Policies & Procedure.

·        Marula Occupational Health & Safety Policy.

·        Marula Host ESD SMME Engagement and Participation Process.

2.  Marula is committed to sustainable development principles such that the Company’s business investments are commercially sound and financially profitable, practices are technically appropriate and socially responsible and processes and practices are inherently safe and environmentally sound. This is described in our:

·        Marula Sustainable Development Policy Statement.

·        Marula Values.

3.  Marula values suppliers who operate within and ‘live’ the principles whereby both parties act in good faith and are always fair to each other. To this effect we have developed:

·        Implats Suppliers Code of Conduct, that all suppliers must adhere to.

4.  Marula has many policies, procedures and guidelines that govern our business practices, and the Marula Host ESD Programme. You can access the relevant updated documentation at the Marula Business Development Centre.

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